Full Day Land Tour

Our home of Stornoway provides a fantastic base for exploring local hotspots for some of the most iconic wildlife in the British Isles, so this 6 hour guided wildlife minibus tour is a great 'must-do' adventure to include in your holiday on the Isle of Lewis. You might also see some tourist spots along the way too.

This wonderful island offers us the opportunity to take you on a guided wildlife adventure on land to discover the wide variety of wildlife that is abundant here. With the potential for spotting white-tailed and golden eagle, hen harrier and merlin, or spotting marine life from stunning, elevated positions - there is something for everyone, not forgetting the beautiful flora that can be observed. From land, there is a huge expanse of ocean to scan for the abundance of wonderful marine life the Minch has to offer. Minke whale, common, Risso’s and white-beaked dolphins plus harbour porpoise and seals are just some of the species that can be regularly seen. But the abundance of seabirds will also get everyone excited, with the chance of seeing fulmar, kittiwakes and auks, gannets diving for fish and red-throated divers calling as they fly to and from their nesting lochs inland. Definitely add us to your ‘things to do’ while in Stornoway and the Isle of Lewis.



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**Please note that whilst we try to make these trips accessible to everyone, the boat is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues due to the compact spaces and steep stairs descending to the cabins.

**Under 14s must be accompanied by a responsible adult on our overnight expeditions.