MV Monadhliath is a fully converted former fishing boat, specifically designed for wildlife observation and coastal live-aboard cruising and charter. Perfect then for comfortable cruising around the Scottish Hebridean islands and west coast of the Highlands.

With space for up to 9 overnight guests and coded for 12 daytime passengers, Monadhliath gives adequate living accommodation and facilities for sea-going adventure.


More specifically, Monadhliath has 2 strategically constructed bespoke viewing platforms above her stern giving an unrivalled viewing experience 6 metres above sea level. Six secure and comfortable bucket seats are mounted on the upper platform allowing extended viewing time, this allows our guests to sit in comfort whilst taking the time needed to spot the abundance and varied wildlife that exists around the Outer Hebrides.


MV Monadhliath is fully certified with the Marine Coastguard Agency to carry passengers up to 60 miles offshore in complete safety, which means that we carry all the relevant safety equipment to stay safe at sea. This combined with our highly experienced crew allows us to cruise safe in the knowledge that all the preparations have been made to ensure we can relax and enjoy each cruise as it unfolds.

Explore our boat

Our vessel benefits from having a full heating & hot water system giving uncompromised central heating throughout and hot water for showers at all times.

In addition to this we have:

  • A silent running 10Kw Generator, giving a clean 240 volt power supply for sensitive equipment when required

  • 3Kw of inverted 240 volt clean power supply for electrical demand without running a generator allowing the vessel to sit silent when at anchor.

  • 2 showers

  • 2 passenger toilets

  • Drying room

  • Fully equipped galley

  • Smart TV for sharing media

  • Tangible onboard navigational data

  • Ambient interior lighting

  • Comfortable saloon for 12

  • Capable of deploying a hydrophone 

  • Ample deck space for equipment such as UAV's/Filming/photography

  • 2000 litres fresh water

  • 4000 litres of fuel

What can you expect onboard MV Monadhliath?

Forepeak cabin
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Saloon onboard MV Monadhliath
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Cabin and bunk onboard MV Monadhliat
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Friendly crew on board
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Stretching your legs
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Private Charter / Research & Survey / Location Filming

** Choose your own itinerary & anchorages - create your own bespoke cruise. **

MV Monadhliath is available for private charter/research cruising/location filming, with a crew experienced in the Outer Hebridean waters and coastlines as well as in visual marine surveys.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements.