Cold Coffee!

Tales from Grey Haven

Grey Haven
Welcome to "Grey Haven" in Aird on the Isle of Lewis.

Waking up here at Grey Haven is like taking part in a daily lucky dip! Since we had some great wildlife around lately, my days start early because I want to get as much out of them as possible. On a normal day I take some time in the morning to drink my coffee and eat breakfast - I love calm mornings!

Risso's dolphins
A 'blow' as cetaceans exhale at the surface help to find them.

So, this morning I got up and put the kettle on. Finally the water is boiling and there I sat, happy as a clam looking out the kitchen window. BLOWS!! Half awake I gathered my camera, binoculars, phone and jumped into my boots and out the house I ran. If you ever wondered how fast you can wake up, forget about coffee… dolphins will do the trick I tell you!

Risso's dolphin pod
The pod of Risso's dolphins swim by Grey Haven.

Now I put on my hat and realised that the wind was quite nippy, and actually the ocean was not as calm as I thought it would be. Anyway, just keep running! Now standing at the edge of the cliffs, the blows came closer and closer. One picture taken and it was clear the lucky bag was filled with a bunch of Risso’s dolphins today. They swam close together and a wee calf was tucked in between its mother and another member of the pod! With the sun shining behind them they just swam by in that beautiful morning glow. They disappeared in the bright glare and I lost them for a couple of minutes. I decided to have a scan, knowing that they will be out of the glare in just a bit. No way! At least 6 more Risso’s in the distance! Wow, what a morning. After a couple more pictures and scans, hunger and the need of warmth called me back home. I came back, fully awake, happier than ever and now my coffee was just about as cold as my hands.

Risso's dolphin
The blunt head of a Risso's dolphin is clearly visible here.

Dear surprises of nature, you’re allowed to replace my quiet mornings any time! The difference between a wake-up coffee and a wake-up dolphin is: The wake-up dolphin will awaken every single inch of your body, mind and soul and will fill your heart with pure joy.

I hope my story will lighten up your day and bring you some joy!

All the best until next time,


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