National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2019

common dolphin
Short-beaked common dolphin seen during the NWDW 2019

Hebridean Adventures along with many other wildlife watching tour companies, shore watchers, volunteers and many other passionate individuals, took part in the 2019 Sea Watch Foundations' "National Whale and Dolphin Watch" (NWDW).

Over the period of a week, individuals throughout the UK, on either vessels or from land, recorded whatever cetacean they saw. During this week 13 different species have been reported within over 2000 sightings in total from around the country. Monitoring the UK waters really highlights how rich these waters are. Despite everything that is endangering our oceans all the animals show us that there is still hope and beauty worth fighting for.

Between the 24th of July until the 4th of August we at Hebridean Adventures, who belong to Sea Watch Foundation's Recommended Boat Operators Scheme, had some amazing encounters with our passengers on board, seeing Risso’s dolphins (above) and short-beaked common dolphins. Were happy to contribute to the NWDW and always look for reasons to go out and watch dolphins, whales, and all the other animals and birds around us.

Grey seal sleeping
A grey seal captured having a siesta.
Northern gannet out in the Minch.

This year's 2020 National Whale and Dolphin Watch will take place between the 25th of July and the 2nd August if all goes well and we are safe again by then.

(We have 2 full day trips currently scheduled for Friday 31st July and Saturday 1st August should the travel restrictions have been lifted by then.)


To download a copy of the 2019 NWDW report please CLICK HERE!

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