Silver winners in 2021 Business Awards

We were delighted to have been named earlier this summer as a finalist in the Highlands & Islands Business Excellence Awards run by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.

We had entered the 'Ocean Winds Award for Excellence in Marine Innovation and Growing the Blue Economy' based on our programme to grow our funding and citizen science relationships with our conservation charity partners. This resulted in us placing second we found out just last week which was very gratifying.

Making it to the finals though was particularly special to us as it showed that our efforts to help our partners such as the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust, the Sea Watch Foundation, Whale & Dolphin Conservation UK and others with more direct action is seen as making a positive difference by encouraging growth and innovation within our sector for the benefit of all.

The fact we can do this is thanks to those of you who have travelled with us so far, and those of you that plan to in the future. Thank you!

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